How do I cancel my membership?

As a Paralex User, you can cancel your membership at any time by going on your profile on the platform and clicking on deactivate account.

Is my card information safe?

We partner with a third-party payment platform that collects and processes payments on our behalf. They ensure that all our users information including billing details are encrypted and kept confidential

Will I be automatically billed?

You will be automatically billed if you have selected the option for automatic bill renewal. If you do not choose this option, you will not be automatically billed.

Can I resume working on a document when I log in to Paralex platform?

We provide our users with a cloud saving option. If you are subscribed to our cloud saving option, you can resume working on any document once you log in to your profiled and you can do this from any device provided you have your log in details. This means that you can prepare and store your documents on the cloud through Paralex.

Can I edit saved documents?

Yes you can, simply clock on “edit document”

Can I download documents created by Paralex?

To use a document created by Paralex, you would have to contact us as all documents prepared by Paralex and kept on display for users are copyright protected and cannot be used unless Paralex issues written permission to use such documents.

I can’t remember my password, what do I do?

Click on “I forgot my password,” and you will be required to provide the phone number and or email address you used to sign up to Paralex. Once you have provided this detail, you will be sent further instructions to your phone and or email instructing you on what to do. If you need further assistance, contact us Monday – Friday 7:00-19:00

How do I track my filing at a court or government agency?

We would notify you of each stage your process is on and gives you an estimated time as to when each stage would be concluded.

Are my documents sent out through Paralex Logistics team safe?

Yes, your documents are safe. Every member of the Paralex logistics team is tracked and we know when a document has been dropped off or picked up. You will be notified too.

How do I track a rider?

You can track a rider when you click on either track pickup or track delivery depending on the stage of the request.

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